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                   Release date.  Denmark; Norway; Sweden and Finland:  February 8th 2019
                   Int. Press release: February 21.th 2019

                   Subject:  A tribute song, especially composed, to one of the World's greatest quartets

                   Artists:  "MoveOver", feat. Lucienne Holritz, Lecia Jonsson a.o.           

                   Title:  "ABBA We Love You Forever"


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MoveOver - performing song: 
"ABBA We Love You Forever" _CR121 820-1

The Video for the song: "ABBA We Love You Forever"

Released on February 21.th, 2019.

"Say You Won't Leave Me No More" / 2018  CR121 820-2


Below:   Lecia Jonsson, performing her own song "Say You Won't Leave Me No More" / 2018

(Lecia Jonsson does not appear on video)

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